Building the jar file

This page describes the necessary step to build SQL Workbench/J from the source distribution.

The source distribution does not contain all needed libraries. If you want to build SQL Workbench/J yourself it is highly recommended to check out the Subversion repository to automatically get everything you need.

If you do not want to check out the Subversion repository, you need to unzip the source archive into a directory of your choice. This directory will be referenced as ${wbroot} in this description.

To prepare your environment to build SQL Workbench/J from source distribution archive you will need to

Now you can build the jar file by typing ant while the scripts directory is your current directory. If the build is successful, ${wbroot}/dist/sqlworkbench.jar will be created.

The default Ant target make-dev-jar does not build the manual.

Building the manual

To build the manual you need to download the Docbook XSLLink Arrow package (e.g. and FOPLink Arrow (Version 0.95, newer version don't work with Docbook XSL).

Now you can build the PDF manual by typing ant pdf or HTML manual by typing ant publish-dev.